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Origin of science part-2

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0 Proof of evidence or demanding proof is not scientific, scientific approach. Which today we call the main condition of science. So that the society can accept the knowledge and invention of the discovery freely. The meaning of science is limited only to finding that it is called a scientific approach, to prove that the discovered knowledge. A world-class scientific community is being formed in this view of the scientists. Scientists from one country are joining scientists from other countries. Not only are the exchange of knowledge and technology. Instead the scientists are experimenting together, analyzing the data. And sharing scientific methods with each other. So that there is no error in the findings.

It is called scientific approach !! There is a scientific approach to suspicion, to anticipate fear, identify the problem, know, reason, define and identify counterparts. While exploring forms of materialism (chemical elements, organ particles, objects etc.), searching for solutions to problems, finding alternative means and tips, discovering theories, rules and facts, exploration of causes, phenomena and their effects and these The knowledge of the process of practical use of discoveries is called science. It is possible that the need for proof in science was not felt until four hundred years ago. It may have two reasons.
Do not accept independent existence as a subject of science by society.
By that time the authenticity of knowledge was proven by the testing method.
Some people have the illusion that physics / physics is the only science. While physics is a branch of science. Developed by the study of 'Nature and Philosophy'. So by the end of the 19th century physics was called 'Natural Philosophy'. Apart from this, for the second decade of the 20th century, mathematics was kept under the philosophy department / faculty. Even today, new branches in science are emerging. Whose knowledge we had before. But these branches of science were kept under other branches / subjects. Other branches were considered as affiliates. Because study work and research work were less in that area. Due to the separation of these branches, the exponential growth in the area of science can be seen. Therefore it is wrong to give full science the name of physics (physical science) or one of its branches. It is wrong to say that the body is a part of the body.

Some people also believe that science is not ancient knowledge. Rather it originated in western countries four hundred years ago. It is possible that these people understand industrial development (technical knowledge) as science only. Because big achievements like electronics equipment, computers, modern weapons, astronomical trips have been received to mankind in these four hundred years. There are three main reasons why science can not believe in ancient knowledge. Due to lack of accurate understanding, people have become misconstrued about the origin of science. The first reason for this is the nature of science. That is why today we call the present a scientific age. The second reason is a posture of science that according to science is possible to amend and expand. And the third major reason is global politics, due to which there was no new search for around 500-600 years in the whole world.скачать dle 10.4фильмы бесплатно

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