» Power and energy:- Two Basic components


Power and energy:- Two Basic components

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0 The power of working and energy to work is called power. Directly related to the work of energy and power can be seen in the definition. But how can we understand energy and power easily? Then why not understand the work and energy before understanding it! Blinking in the eye, carrying the bricks placed in the head is not a work to carry. It is not a work to be done by keeping the bricks placed in the head in the head, if the eyelid is flowing, then what is the work? Remember there are two basic components of the work. Displacement in the direction of force and force ... Dot Product Product of these two components is called work only. The reaction created by the charged force is called work. In other words force only works. Of course, there are two actions in the blink of blinking and carrying bricks in the head. But still these two actions are not called work. Because the value of the displacement in both the actions is zero. When we observe an event, then we have to analyze the two main components of the work, the displacement in the direction of force and force, as an event. If we are unable to analyze both of these components Then we have to forcefully say that we can not know the magnitude of the work. That is not work

When the bricks kept in the pan are lifted from the earth and kept on the head then the work is considered to be. And when the trousers filled with bricks placed on the head are placed in some other place then the work is still considered done. But when the bricks placed in the trunk should be rotated on the head or placed on top of the bricks filled with bricks, they should be restored to the same place, from where the bricks kept in the pan was lifted from the earth and kept on the head. Then we will say all this process (incident) as zero work. It sounds strange to both hear and say. But it is a reality that when an observer receives an item after a time where it is found there. Then there would have been no work on that object for that observer. We understand your mood very well. Do not know how many questions are going to come together in front of you! Who are desperate to make a big deal on our discussion Just wait, we have a purpose behind your mentality. Remember, we tried to understand the work to understand the energy and power easily. And now we will discuss the fire on energy and power with this mood. You will maintain your mood for some time.

For any observation of work, energy and power in any event, we have to ensure the basis that after all, in whose perspective we want to know the work, energy and power. In other words, whose energy has changed during the event? These were the answers to all those questions which were going on in your mind till a while ago. Now we will try to understand the two components energy and power by taking an example of one incident. If we take a trolley clay from the trolley at one go, that is, we have to take a trolley clay to the minimum power. This incident reflects our power. And if we can not empty the same clay trolley at a time, then we can repeat the same event more than once and empty the trolley. And we need energy to do this. That is, we split the soil into several parts and take it off the trolley. This phenomenon reflects energy. Hope you have now become clear about energy and power.

You have seen how the effect of time on the basis of properties in nature and power, sharing of materiality and need etc. Based on these small qualities, the energy of the universe was distributed equally during the Big Bang event. And the power of the universe was concentrated there. .скачать dle 10.4фильмы бесплатно

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