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Origin of science part-3

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0 Postulate of science: [/b]This postulate is an extension of the nature of science. Which gives us information about how science works. 'All the old theories are called sub-principles of new theory of subject.' All (new and old) facts based on consequential theories are called the auxiliary facts of the new theory. And all these facts are compatible with each other by the new doctrine. So science is a method.
The revolution of information came from the development of information tools. The exchange of ideas began to grow with great intensity. As a result, doubts started to grow in people. Religious philosophy began to change in the scientific philosophy. And then a new method of 'experiment' based science emerged. Wherein 'the meaning of every knowledge should be assessed by experiments, this is the true criterion for science.' The funny thing is that this statement was not told by the philosopher Roger Bacon (Roger Bacon: 1214-92 AD), who was not a scientist but a scientist. They suggested natural rules to be searched by experiments.

Looking at the industrial development we call presently the scientific era. It has been possible in a very short time. Because it has a very important contribution of expertise. But it is not that the machines were used earlier and they were not manufactured! In almost every field of science, technological advance has also happened. Humans had technical knowledge before. The construction of weapons (also use of gunpowder), large vessels, water jackets (use of fever and fuel), wind chains, grinding and cutting machines, paper making paper, printing house, directional machine and projector etc. are already happened. Thousands of examples of building construction techniques are still seen all over the world. Remember, 'technical achievements' are being discussed, not about 'science' (ancient). There are no thousands / millions examples of ancient science. Many of which are still certified today.

Some people also believe that science has originated in the form of opposition to religion / conservative beliefs. Because religious / conservative people started killing people who had a scientific view. They were suppressed. They were forbidden to search in opposition to religion. His books were burnt. They were forbidden to read and publicize. For example, Giordano Bruno (Giordano Bruno: 1548 - 1600) was burned alive. Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo were often pressurized with their discoveries. Since then science has evolved, such people say. But it is not that such kind of pressure and bad deeds have never happened before. Of course, these consternation had been given religiously. But we do not think there are any religious reasons behind the example we are giving. The first example Anxagoras (Anaxagoras 510 BC - 428 BC) was fished for this declaration because he said that 'the moon is made up of the elements from which this earth is made.' Second example In 415 AD, Alexandria's woman and the last scientist / mathematician Hypatia (Hypatia: 351 - 415 AD) was murdered by radicals.

Some people also believe that science is just experiment based knowledge. But if this were the case then we would hardly see this development today. In fact, experiments are made to prove scientific knowledge and to make necessary modifications in the principles. Yes, it is true that the rise of many branches of knowledge is possible through experimentation. Because the results obtained by experiment did not match our principles. Consequently, the changes to the relevant principles of new findings had to be changed. Many times the theories did not come true in experiments. So they were treated incorrectly. It is clear that science is not just experiment based knowledge. None of Sir Albert Einstein's theory was based on experimentation. So now you will not even include him in science. Albert Einstein's work in science is kept under the incorporation method. Not the arrival method, which is based on experimentation. In addition to this, apart from 1865, the work of discoveries in science has been done through the principles under incorporation law. The whole foundation of modern science is based on these principles. The important thing is that they can predict theories. If those predictions are true then the principles are assumed to be correct. This method was adopted even in ancient times. The principles which were not able to explain the events over time. Then they were either amended or they were removed. Many theories and facts of ancient astronomy are still true today. And many mistakes have been proven too.скачать dle 10.4фильмы бесплатно

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